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Learn Spanish
at Centro Latino

Serving the community since 1993


Upcoming Programs


Intensive Program
July 2019

For Beginners, Fast Beginners, and Advanced Beginners levels. This is an intensive program that runs for four weeks (24 hours).

Regular Program
July 2019

For all levels. Program runs on a monthly basis. We provide three different class options: meet twice a week for 1.5 hours, once a week for 3 hours, or Saturdays for 2 hours.

One-Week Program
July 2019

For all levels. The program includes 2 hours of private lessons, and 3 hours of group classes. The student can take as many One-Week program classes as wanted. 


Why Learn Spanish?

For MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS who are assisting Spanish speaking patients.

For LAWYERS who want to directly understand their Spanish speaking clients without an interpreter.

For TEACHERS who need to instruct students with Spanish background.

For TRAVELERS who want to be able to maximize their traveling experience.

For BUSINESS PEOPLE who manage Spanish speaking employees.

For SENIORS who want to continue developing new skills.

For individuals with a HISPANIC HERITAGE who would like to connect to their roots.

For ANYONE who would like to learn more about the Latin American culture.


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