Throughout the year, we offer Spanish Classes  that range from Beginners to Advanced.  If you have previous experience with Spanish or you are unsure of what level is a right fit, we will match you with a class that is at your level.

We offer a COMPLIMENTARY assessment through the phone or in our facility. The assessment will help you find what Spanish class level is right for you.


Intensive Program

Beginners - Fast Beginners - Advanced Beginners • 24 hrs

The Intensive Program includes 24 hours of lessons. In this class, students will learn 2 months of regular class material in one month. 

Groups meet:

  • Two times a week, 3 hours per class (4 weeks) for all intensive courses.


Regular Program

All Levels • 8-15 hrs/month

Each level lasts 3 months, and has three sub-levels (I,II,III). 

Groups meet:

  • Twice a week for 1 1/2 hours.

  • Once a week for 3 hours.

  • Saturdays for 2 hours.


One-Week Program

All Levels • 5 hrs


  • 2 hours of private classes.

  • 3 hours of classes in group.


Private Classes

All Levels • $60/hr

Made to fit your specific needs and your schedule. You can add a student for $25/hr.