I cannot stop highlighting all the dedicated work from teachers at Centro Latino. I truly think it’s a great learning place for Spanish with native instructors who do their best to teach, encourage students to learn, and fundamentally share the latino culture.
— Patricia O.

If you really want to learn Spanish, this is the place to go. The teachers are professional and excellent and also make learning fun. Classes are small and everyone participates. Esther, who runs the business, is exceptionally nice and helpful. I’ve now studied 2 months of intensive classes at Centro Latino, Beginners and Fast Beginners, and have learned so much. I feel comfortable speaking in Spanish in public spaces now. The students, of various ages, really want to speak Spanish. It is so much fun to learn here. It has been easy to find parking in the area too.
— Ann J.

This place is terrific. I sort of stumbled into it and I’m very glad I did!
I’m a month into my first class, twice a week intro to Spanish. The class is a great combo of instruction in grammar and vocab, and speaking. We’re moving along quickly, covering a lot of substance, but with a lot of time to speak. We started out with 6 students and are now 4 — all serious, doing the work and intent on learning. Our instructor, Teresa, is patient but also moving us along. She’s very good at dealing with the different capabilities within the class and making the whole experience pleasant as well as productive.
— Nancy V.

Centro Latino is a great place to study Español— lots of time to converse in small groups where we can gain confidence.
— Elizabeth

I’ve been attending classes at Centro Latino for 4 years. Supportive environment, wonderful teachers. A great place to learn conversational Spanish.
— Geoff V.

I’ve been studying at Centro Latino for four years and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The facilities are very good, the staff is great, and my fellow students are fun to be with. I recommend it to prospective students of any level.
— Frank