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Language School


Beginners: Present tense of regular and irregular verbs, Gender, Numbers; dates; time. Demonstrative and possessives. Uses of Ser and Estar. Personal pronouns, subject pronouns. Futuro informal. Introduction to Por and Para.

Fast Beginners: : The preterit tense: regular and irregular verbs. Direct and indirect object pronouns. The gerund and the progressive tenses. Reflexive verbs-introduction and conjugation. Introduction to the imperfect.

Advanced Beginners: The imperfect tense: formation, uses. The imperfect and the preterit: two aspects of past time. The future and conditional tenses. Introduction to verbs of inverted construction. Relative pronouns. 

Introduction to the perfect tenses: present perfect.

Low Intermediate: The perfect tenses: present, past future and conditional perfect. Imperative, Adverbial phrases. Forms of the present subjunctive: regular and irregular verbs and Comparisons.

Intermediate:The imperfect subjunctive. Present and past perfect subjunctive. Relative pronouns.

Advanced: Practice with all the grammar topics listed above.